Where Can I Serve?

 Operational Committees:



Will assist candidates for baptism and have necessary equipment ready. Will consist of two couples appointed by the Nominating Committee and elected by the church for a one year term.


This committee consists of five members to provide a meal as condolence to a family in the death of a family member. This ministry extends to the death of a church member, or a church member’s spouse, child, or parent.

Building and Grounds:

This committee consists of three members elected to serve three years. These people will exercise necessary work needed to be done to keep the church and grounds in working order within the allowable expenditure as stated in Article V.

Bus Maintenance:

This committee consists of two members to maintain the church buses. They will coordinate with the licensed drivers about any maintenance or needed work on the buses.

Church Hostess:

This committee consists of five people to oversee the preparation for all church fellowship events. They are responsible for setting up the fellowship hall, assigning the menu, seeing that supplies are stocked, and cleaning up after each event.

Church Nursery Coordinator:

This person schedules qualified and sufficient workers in the nursery for all church-wide services. These include Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights. All scheduled workers must be 18 years old or older.


This committee consists of three members elected to serve for a three year term. The third year person serves as chairman. The committee is to be responsible for ordering flowers for a death or birth recognition withing the church membership. They will decorate the church for Christmas, Easter, the Fourth of July, and other special occasions.


This committee consists of a chairman to oversee and coordinate the needed persons to fulfill the positions weekly. They are to have ushers ready to receive offerings in church services at designated times each Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and all other services in which an offering is taken.