Parish Nurse Ministry

Our mission is to be available for any health needs that arise in the church and to provide information and guidance to those who seek knowledge about their health.

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Better Choices, Better Health

Are you in adult with an ongoing health condition such as arthritis, chronic lung disease, depression, diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure? If so, the Better Choices, Better Health workshop can help you take charge of your life using tools and techniques.
Classes are free, registration is required.
Location: Branham Conference Room (1st Floor), Baptist Easley Hospital
Time: Every Tuesday, April 19th-May24th, 10AM-Noon

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BE Well Thursday

BE Well Thursday tests and screenings are offered to the community every Thursday from 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM at the Baptist Easley Hospital Laboratory Services Center, 112 John Street, Suite 102, Easley, S.C. Please call 864-442-7791 for more information.

Offerings Free of Charge:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Bone Density Heel Scan (for osteoporosis)
  • Health Education
  • Height, Weight, BMI, and Waist/Hip Ratio

Offerings at Minimal Cost:

  • Blood Sugar Testing, $5
  • TSH, $15 (requires a physician order)
  • Lipid Panel (with cardiac risk assessment), $20*
  • Lipid Panel/ALT/AST (with cardiac risk assessment), $30*
  • A1c, $10
  • Total Cholesterol and Glucose, $10*

* (For accurate results, do not eat or drink after midnight prior to cholesterol screening)

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine, $50
  • Tetanus (TDaP), $40 (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis)
  • Td, $30 (tetanus and diphtheria)
  • Pneumonia Vaccine, $70