Prayer Force


1 Timothy 2:8

The goal of PRAYER FORCE is
  • To become aware of opportunities to pray more specifically for people
  • To make ourselves more available to pray with anyone
  • To go out of our way to go pray in different areas of our community
This will be done through different groups assigned to pray in various ways listed below.


Be willing to post a personal prayer daily on Facebook, Instagram or any other internet opportunity. Be willing to offer to pray with anyone through a public forum or private message. This group would also include the 68 people we currently have on e-prayer.


Be willing to prayer drive the community around the church on a regular basis, we will have a route to take. Also be willing to prayer drive the bus route where we are picking up children on Wednesday nights.


Ask students to wear either their bracelet or shirt to schools and campuses and be willing to pray with other students, on the spot. 


Start a prayer group at your job. Offer to pray for co-workers and those you come in contact with on the job. Be willing to pray and follow up.


Send written prayer letters for church members or prospects for encouragement in spiritual needs and family matters. Also, on a rotating basis, send letters to our sister churches letting them know of our prayers.


Sidewalks, park, walking tracks, prayer walk community, gym and other places you work out. Wear your shirt and bracelet shopping, walking around in the mall or grocery store. Be ready and willing to pray in these places as well.



Have a prayer box at the front of the church along with a big sign along the road offering prayer for addictions, family concerns, health, and financial needs. These requests would be prayed for on Thursday morning at the men’s prayer group.



This group would pray for first responders, police, fire, EMS and others who serve. Their responsibility would be to reach out to these organizations and ask how we can pray for them. Send cards letting them know we are praying for them.


Go to the hospital and nursing homes or homes of church members and have a prayer time with them. This is mostly for the aged and the sick. 

Be specific and intentional about praying for others